Fabiola, Italy


"Atlas Language school helped me build the foundations of my international job career (...) the Atlas staff is always available to help you if you have any questions (...) The teachers are very professional at teaching and very friendly as well (...) "

Fabiola, Italy2022-12-05T12:32:44+01:00

Gabriel Avila, Panama


The teachers at Atlas are the best. Their methods of teaching are very inclusive and they always make an effort to understand and help everyone. I like my classmates and the staff is very helpful. They always try to motivate us to take part in the social programme, which is great fun and has a lot to offer.

Gabriel Avila, Panama2022-11-03T11:25:49+01:00

Pedro, Venezuela


It’s a very good school to study because people take care of the students and our progress. If we have any weak points in English, the teachers immediately try to help with that. Even the process to get to Atlas Malta is very easy.

Pedro, Venezuela2022-11-03T11:28:40+01:00

Emma, France


On my first day, I was surprised by how modern the building is. It’s not like the schools in France, which are more old-fashioned. And the fact that we can see the sea from the school also surprised me. The teachers are very attentive, they really want us to improve! And they don’t judge us when we make mistakes, they don’t look down on the students.

Emma, France2022-11-03T11:30:17+01:00

Subin, South Korea


During the three months that I’ve been here at Atlas, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my English! Now I’m able to read books in English, go to the movies, and actually understand what the characters are saying… and it’s all thanks to Atlas Language School Malta!

Subin, South Korea2022-11-03T11:31:42+01:00

Narye, Korea


Although the current situation is very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlas staff are quick to respond to any queries. If you have any problems or questions, they will guide and support you!I am also very satisfied with the online classes as they are still interesting and of high quality. The Atlas teachers are energetic and give constructive feedback, too. Every day in class is memorable!

Narye, Korea2022-11-03T11:37:49+01:00

Gino, Chile


Atlas is special. When you talk about Atlas with other students or people from Dublin, you talk with pride about studying at Atlas. There is a sense of belonging that is generated in the first weeks when you experience the human warmth of the staff. I was only looking for an English course, but here I found more than that. I will leave with a life experience and with new friends. All of this certainly could not be achieved without the staff at Atlas. Why do I like Atlas? Because I feel very happy here.

Gino, Chile2020-07-06T10:50:49+01:00