Student Profiles

Alef, Brazil

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi. Im Alef. I was born in the city of Embu-Guaçu, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. I am 24 years old and I am an officer in the Brazilian Army. I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies in MBA project management.

Why did you choose Malta for your study destination?

I chose Malta because of all the tourist attractions, because it is multicultural with people from all over the world and also because it was more economical to travel to this country.

What is your favourite place in Malta that you had visited during your stay?

The city of Valletta was my favorite place. It is a beautiful old city with beautiful architecture, a lot of shopping options, restaurants, cafes and pubs. My favorite nightlife spot was Paceville. It offers many different clubs, a lot of parties, it is cheap and most importantly a lot of fun!

What do you like about Atlas?

I studied for 3 weeks at Atlas and it was really amazing. I made many really good friends from all around the world. Each day was a new and different learning experience, where interactions between students were encouraged. The teaching-learning process with the teacher acting as a mediator of these interactions worked really well. We had very cool classes, sometimes we learnt from games, other times from discussions and we even prepared and presented projects. I stayed at the Kappara student residence and every morning, a private bus would take us to class and, at the end of the class, there were always tours to get to know the local culture and sights of Malta. This helped a lot to practice English outside of the classroom with other students and the natives. I can say for sure that these three weeks are among the best days of my life, it was incredible and I really want to go back to Malta and study at Atlas again.