Student Profiles

Reno (Japan)


Hi Reno! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

Hi, I am 21 and I come from Yokohama, in Japan, which is just a train ride away from Tokio. I live a bit outside the city so I am always surrounded by the beautiful nature of the rural area, there is basically nothing else around. Now that I live in Dublin I get to experience the city life, as well as move around the country thanks to its cheap transport fees (cheaper than the Japanese ones!).

Why did you choose Dublin?

I am majoring in English literature at my University, so I chose to come to Dublin to improve my language skills. I feel that when you study literature you usually do not get used to speaking the actual language, the way people would talk to each other on an everyday basis, but rather to the old version of it. I would rather study more natural, conversational English.

How is Ireland different from Japan?

Everything here is very different, from the food to the buildings, and I really like that. I am particularly enjoying staying with my host family because I get to experience more of the Irish lifestyle every day – even though I don’t always understand what they are saying, due to the strong Irish accent.

Your favourite spots in Ireland?

I actually had the chance to visit different parts of the island thanks to the school’s weekend activities. I have recently visited the Guinness Lake and I loved that, as well as the Dublin Castle and Malahide Castle. They were both really impressive because each had its own style, which is different than what I am used to. Japanese castles all look alike and have a rather basic style.

What do you like about Atlas?

I really like it here, everyone is very nice and that makes Atlas a great place to practise your English and meet new friends at the same time.

Any tips for new students?

Let’s speak English! You probably won’t get another chance to study in a different country and meet people from all corners of the globe, so try not to stick with people that come from your own country and speak the same language as you. Instead, you can explore other people’s culture and background by using English as a way to get in touch with them.

Thanks Reno!