Practise your Speaking with… Language Learning App Supiki

You may have memorised endless lists of vocabulary and you may know enough grammar to hold an everyday conversation but, do you sometimes still find it difficult when it comes to speaking?

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If you do, Supiki is a great language learning app that allows you to practise your speaking and conversation skills anywhere and anytime.

What is ‘Supiki’?

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Supiki lets you practise your speaking skills through simulated, though realistic, conversations. Supiki provides you with a situation and starts the conversation. The situations are usually ones you’d find regularly in normal, everyday life. For example, the opening level starts with a conversation in a coffee shop with a man asking if he can share a table with you. You just use the microphone and headphones or speakers on your phone to interact with the app to build a basic conversation. From the opening question in the coffee shop of “Can I join you?” until the very end, it’s really engaging and the app will take your responses to each question and grade them.

Video features

Each unit has a short new video episode of an animated soap called “The Newcomers”. Through characters and storylines, it offers users the opportunity to have unscripted conversations about specific topics and learn new vocabulary.

What else?

Who is it for?

I’d say it’s best for students with an Intermediate level of English.

Is it an app?

Yes, it’s available for iPhone and Android phones.

Do I need to pay?

No, it’s totally free. And ad-free. There are extra units and features available for purchase.

Do I need to login?

No, you don’t. You just need to install the app on your mobile device.

Give it a try!

Here are some tasks to try with Supiki.

Task 1 – Download Supiki onto your smartphone.

Task 2 – Talk to Supiki and listen carefully when Supiki replies. Try to keep a conversation going with Supiki.

Task 3 – Have conversations with Supiki on a daily basis. It’s easier to speak out loud when you are relaxed and not afraid of what other people will think. It’s just you and Supiki, so you will be able to speak freely!

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Task 4 – Practice the new vocabulary or expressions that you learn and, remember, the more you speak, the more confidence you will get!

Give it a try!

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