New To Dublin? Here Is Our Top 10 Best Apps For You

Whether you are planning your first studying experience and you are thinking of travelling to Ireland, or you have just landed and need some help to get around the lovely city of Dublin, this is definitely the right guide for you! 


Make the most out of your stay in Dublin, never miss a bus and save enough money for your next trip, thanks to these amazing 10 apps. What are you waiting for? Get Downloading!

Getting Around

1. TFI Live

The best way to get around the city is by bus. This TFI Live uses GPS to tell you where your nearest bus stop is as well as what time your next bus comes. 

2. Leap Top-Up

The first chance you get, buy yourself a leap card. This card can be used to pay for all public transport services (Dublin Bus, Dart and Luas) in Dublin as well as other major cities in Ireland. You can save up to 31% on fares so you’ll be wasting money if you don’t get it. You also won’t need to top up from a shop. You can do it directly from this Leap Top-Up app.

3. Free Now 

If you live any distance from the city centre and it’s late, bus services won’t be running or will be limited. A limited late bus service (i.e., after midnight till 4am) only runs on Fridays and Saturdays. It can also be quite difficult to find a taxi in Dublin at the weekend. The Free Now is the main taxi app that people in Dublin use to find a taxi wherever they are.

4. Dublin Bikes App

Just Eat dublinbikes is a self-service bike rental system open to everyone from 14 years of age. It enables you to travel through the city centre, commute between home and work and get out and about to enjoy Dublin city at your leisure. You can enjoy a 3-day pass or an annual subscription of €25 and then there’s a pricing structure to use the app. See their pricing structure here.

Discovering Dublin

5. Eventbrite 

For a small city, Dublin has so much to do. There’s a wide range of free and paid events happening all the time. Make sure you download this app to find out about all the festivals and free events Dublin has to offer.

6. Dublin Literary Walking Tour (iOS only)

If you are interested in Ireland’s greatest authors, the likes of James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, this Dublin Literary Walking Tour app will take you on narrated journeys around Dublin and tell you about stories related to our literary greats.

7. Dublin Map and Walks (iOS only)

If you want to discover Dublin, but don’t know where to start, this intuitive Dublin Map and Walks app will tell you where the nearest attractions are to you, as well as suggest some routes for your walks. Check out the ‘Hidden Gems’ to find out where Dublin’s little secrets are, places that even locals don’t know about!

Living on a Budget

8. Groupon

Eating in restaurants can be quite expensive. However, the Groupon app offers discounts for different restaurants every day. You can find deals for a range of other products and services too.

9. Pint of Plain (iOS only)

If you want to be careful about how much money you spend, but would still like a pint of beer, this Pint of Plain app will tell you where the cheapest pints in Dublin are. 

10. Skyscanner

If you are coming to Ireland from outside Europe and staying here for some time, we are sure that you’ll want to take the opportunity to visit a few other European countries while studying with us. Download the Skyscanner app and start comparing prices to find the cheapest flights to all parts of Europe.

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