Dublin’s Hidden Gem: unveiling “This Must Be the Place” and its creative workshops

Embarking on a solo adventure abroad can be incredibly invigorating, but it comes with its challenges; among them, feeling a sense of solitude in a foreign land, not knowing what to do. But don’t worry, you won’t be lost in the vastness of Dublin’s rainy charm! In this blog, We’ve got some fantastic creative workshops that promise not just entertainment, but also opportunities to make unforgettable connections with like-minded individuals.

A Multifaceted Haven: “This Must Be The Place”

One place, many different creative activities: that’s how we would describe This Must Be The Place, a venue located in Temple Bar. Even if you are not an artist, but you like the subject, there are a lot of opportunities to share your passion with other individuals, while drinking free tea/coffee, eating biscuits and chatting. With an incredible array of 20 diverse activities, this place is a living celebration of expression and connection. Set your creativity free through creative workshops, embark on exhilarating adventures in the world of board games, or discover inner peace through yoga practice.

Creative workshops in Dublin city center

Credit to: This Must Be The Place

Embrace your inventiveness through different creative workshops

Are you ready to step into a world full of wonder? Roll up your sleeves and be prepared for one of the most creative experiences here in Dublin, where your imagination knows no bounds. It just feels like going back to the good old times, where the joy of moulding clay and splashing colours onto paper filled our hearts with joy. There’s a wide range of activities among which you can choose: from the Paint With Coffee Art to the Clay and Coffee: Make Your Own Pot Person Workshop. But here’s the cherry on top – all the materials you need will be at your fingertips and you’ll also get a chance to win fabulous prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your imagination, and let the magic begin!

Artistic workshop

Credit to: unsplash.com

How to book an activity

The booking process is super easy: simply head to their website and unlock a world of possibilities on their interactive calendar, showcasing all the upcoming events and workshops. Once you find the one you prefer, you go to Book Now and there you can choose the most suitable date for you. With events happening four to five times a month, and sometimes even multiple options on the same day, you have a vast amount of workshops to choose from!

How to book an activity at This Must Be The Place
Credit to: This Must Be The Place

How to get there from Atlas

The venue is located in 51 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin, in the city centre. You can either walk or take the bus, depending on how you feel (and on the weather, of course). If you want to walk, it would be 23 minutes from the school, so if it’s a sunny day I would suggest having a nice stroll through the colourful streets of Dublin. If you want to take the bus, you can go to the bus stop in South Richmond St and wait for the 14/15/15B/140, the 65/65B or the 83/83A (yes, basically you could take every bus). After 10 minutes, you reach Dame Street which is your stop, then you walk for about 5 minutes and you are there.

If you want to know more about creative workshops and activities

The magic doesn’t stop there! Be sure to follow their Instagram page @thismustbetheplacedublin where they share pictures from their workshops and other news. You wouldn’t want to miss the next big thing, would you? Stay tuned for the next adventure then! And if you like art, don’t forget to read our blog post about Van Gogh’s world!

 Written by Martina Siddiqui

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