Dublin City Parks – Our Top 4 To Enjoy On a Sunny Day

Did you know that just like New York City, Dublin has its own famous city centre park? Find out more about one of the largest parks in Europe, and many other Dublin City Parks!

Dublin features more than 30 gardens and parks, which are not only stunning but also – for the most part – free for the public to visit. There, you will usually find many Dubliners trying to catch all the sunshine they possibly can, jogging or having their lunch break. Parks can be a good idea for a summer picnic with your friends or for a romantic first date, so make sure you read this guide to get to know more about the best Dublin City Parks and impress your mates with some curious fun facts!

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The biggest Dublin City Park: Phoenix Park

It’s the largest urban park situated in a European capital, covering more than 700 hectares of land, some of which is part of the famous Dublin Zoo, the biggest zoo in the country. As you take a stroll through the lush greenery, there is a good chance you will see wild deers roaming freely across the vast open fields. It is also known to be the place where the President of the Republic of Ireland has his residence!


Dive into Dublin City’s History in St. Stephen’s Green

This historical park is located in the heart of Dublin City centre, and it was referenced multiple times by the famous Irish poet James Joyce. In the park, you will be able to find numerous memorials to various historical figures and events, including a bronze bust of the Irish revolutionary heroine Countess Markievicz, the first woman elected to the British House of Commons in 1919, back when Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom, as well as the bullet holes that still remain on some of the park facilities from the 1920s Irish Revolution.

St Stephen's green Park view from above

View of St Stephen’s Green from above


Enjoy the sound of Dublin City in Marlay Park

First opened in 1975, this suburban park has recently become a popular performance venue for Irish and international musicians. As well as outdoor concerts, the park features a host of playing fields and a nine-hole golf course, and it also hosts outdoor movie projections over the summer. It was built around Marlay House, a mansion from the Georgian Era which is now open to visitors.         


The Romantic Dublin City of the Iveagh Gardens

These beautiful gardens were gifted to the city in 1939 by the Guinness family, and are nowadays probably one of the most underrated parks in Dublin. Here you can find a waterfall, a labyrinth, beautiful flowers, but also many events and festivals that take place over the summer months, such as the “Taste of Dublin” food festival! 


Written by Maria Anna Saija

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