With exams fast on the way, we’ve had a quiet week.  Literature class regulars have been deep in the past papers with no time for poetry.  But last week’s lesson on Samuel Beckett went well, although I must admit that some people weren’t too happy when they realised they’d be doing some acting, especially as I’d assured them they wouldn’t.  We played the beginning of Act Two of Waiting for Godot and everyone did well.  Paula, in particular really took to her role – she’s a true natural, born for the stage.  She also said that Beckett was her favourite so far, and I have to say, he’s mine too, so bleak and so funny all at once.

This week we’d planned a walk to the Patrick Kavanagh bench near Baggot Street Bridge on the Grand Canal, but the exams put paid to that, and no bad thing either judging by the weather.  Hopefully soon, we’ll get the chance to sit and read where he composed “Grand Canal Walk” on the “leafy-with-love banks”.

Next week we’ll be reading a fairly bawdy story by a contemporary writer, Kevin Barry.  He’s published stories in The New Yorker and his first novel came out earlier this year.  An author with no fear of doing anything that takes his fancy, Barry makes his sentences sing, with energy and sometimes painful hilarity.  He’s also a brilliant reader/performer of his own work so click on the link below to get a taste of what’s to come.  The text will be in the office from tomorrow.