For anyone who is thinking of coming to learn English in Dublin, or for anyone who’s already here and would like a few handy tips from our Atlas experts, here are some ideas for making the best of your time in Ireland.

All tips come courtesy of Atlas students

1. To improve your English

You really should make foreign friends to practice speaking English and learn about other countries and cultures.

You have to read books, magazines, newspapers, and, of course, the Atlas Blog.

We suggest listening to music in English.


We recommend watching movies in English, with no subtitles, or with English subtitles.


It would be better if you stayed in a host family, or with people from other countries so you have to speak English at home.

You have to learn expressions and phrases, not just individual words.


2. Practical

You should find an apartment near the school.

You should bring clothes for all types of weather.

Some students recommend buying a bike; others recommend getting a Leap card to use on public transport.

Some Atlas students on their way to school!

Some Atlas students on their way to school!

We advise you to bring enough money to enjoy traveling.

You ought to go to a tourist information office

3. Attitude

Don’t forget to be polite.


Don’t hesitate to get some help from other people.

It’s important to be open to new experiences.

4. Culture

How about learning about Irish culture before you come?

You have to visit famous places around Ireland.


We recommend listening to folk music and seeing some Irish dancing.

Irish ‘sean nos’ (the old way) singing

We suggest that you try traditional Irish food.


Bring some recipes from your own country to share with others.

You need to be able to eat a lot of potatoes!


(Advice comes from Melanie, Raissa, Byungchul, Kubilay, Abdullah, HyoJeong, Jieun, Dahee, Maria, Kana, Leticia, Laura and Rafael)

If you have any other ideas, leave a comment to let us know.

Last bit of advice: keep learning and make sure you enjoy yourself.