The sun’s gone in again and everything’s back to normal.  So, we must ask what there is to do in Dublin.  I’ve had a look online and there are some good listings sites out there.

First up, Le Cool.  A certain Atlas teacher has been known to contribute a design or two to  this, the coolest of the cool sites.  For fashion, film, theatre, music and comedy gigs, street markets, places to eat and loads of unusual ideas:

Totally Dublin, which has been around for a good few years now, is available both online and as a free paper – pick it up in coffee shop or deli for the latest releases, and more or less interesting articles and reviews:

Two other useful websites are:

(which features interviews and other bits and pieces)


So do your research and get on up and get out there.

One more thing before I go.  The Italian director Paulo Sorrentino has an odd looking Sean Penn holed up in a Dublin mansion for part of his new film: This Must be the Place.

Have a look at the trailer here: