Improve your listening and speaking with the Conversation Practise App

Do you ever have difficulty speaking in English? Do you get worried that you will make a mistake while speaking? Or do you simply forget the words you need to communicate yourself.

You shouldn’t worry as this is completely natural and happens to everyone when they learn another language. This can happen if you don’t practise enough, have a fear of making mistakes, or even when you are tired. It can really be hard to improve your speaking as you need another person to communicate with. However, now there is a way you can practise speaking alone.

There’s a great app called ‘English Conversation Practise’ that may help you improve your listening and speaking skills.

What is ‘English Conversation Practise’?

English Conversation Practise Language Learning App

This app helps you improve not just your speaking skills but your pronunciation and listening skills. There are over 200 conversations in English with quizzes, listening exercises and recording tools to help you see how you are progressing. It also has a great list of vocabulary and useful phrases that you can use in real-life situations.

How does it work?

You have to choose a conversation and listen to two or more people having a conversation. You will then listen to the conversation again, but this time you will play the role of one of the speakers. You may have to repeat the conversation again until you get the flow of the dialogue right. Finally, there is a test you will need to complete to make sure that you did the conversation right.

You can practise a wide range of everyday conversations that will certainly prepare you for real life situation.
The only real issue is that it won’t be a real conversation and won’t feel too natural. However, if you are having difficulty with speaking, it will certainly be a great help for you.

English Conversation Practise App
What else?

Who is it for?

For elementary and intermediate levels of English.

Is it for Apple or Android?

At the moment, it is only available for Android.

Do I need to pay?

It’s absolutely free. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Do I need to login?

No, you don’t. You only need to install the app in your mobile.

Give it a try!

Ready to get started? Try these introductory tasks. The more you practise, the better you will get!

Task 1 – Pick any conversation that you would like to practise.

Task 2 – Listen to the pronunciation of the words and concentrate on the rhythm of the sentences and repeat.

Task 3 – When you are ready to be part of the conversation, click the Recording button and speak into your microphone. Hear the native speaker again and your own voice. Check and see if you like the way you sound? If not, repeat. You can listen back to your responses to evaluate where you could do better and make a new recording as often as you want!

Task 4 – Finally, try the quiz to check your understanding of the vocabulary. 

Give it a try!

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