Hit the Streets

Even the quickest glance at a newspaper or news website today makes it clear that people all around the world are taking to the streets to protest against what they see as wrongdoing.  From the students in Dublin last week to the terrible scenes in Cairo, some people are refusing to stay at home and keep quiet.


Read this article by a student leader and try to find out what they were protesting about.  Don’t worry about all of the difficult vocabulary, just look for key information.


How good is your protest vocabulary?

What do we call the pieces of card or cloth they hold up?

Or the people involved?

Or the group walks they go on?

Or the often very long talks the leaders give?  (You have these at weddings too.)

There’s another very very peaceful protest in Dublin at the moment, outside the central bank at the edge of Temple Bar.  The bank security guard said the people involved are extremely friendly and always offer him a cup of tea when they’re making one!