So what do you know about Wales?

That the national symbols are the leek and the daffodil?


That they excel at rugby?

That they are famous for their singing, especially their choirs?

Wales is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Like Ireland, it’s a Celtic country known for its rich history and culture. Saint Patrick’s Day is famously on 17th March, but perhaps less well-known here is the fact that the Welsh national Day is 1st March – Saint David’s Day. To mark St. David’s Day, our very own David – though not yet a ‘saint’ – focused on Wales in today’s English Around the World class.

To get you in the mood for all things Welsh and St. David’s Day have a look at how passionate the Welsh can be about their country. Here they are singing their national anthem ‘Land of my Fathers’ before a famous rugby game at the Millenium Stadium.

And, on a very clear day – not too many of them round here – if you stand on Bray, or Howth, Head, or Killiney Hill, you might just be able to see our neighbours to the east, getting ready to take on the English once again.