5 places that you must see in Malta

If you are coming to visit the beautiful Maltese archipelago, there are some key places, that you need to see during your stay. 

1. Valetta

Let’s start with the Maltese capital, Valletta. Valletta is full of history and has evolved throughout the centuries to become a beautiful city where you can now admire marks of the past. 

With its strategic position, Valletta was once the place of multiple battles, and one of the proofs of that military force is the remaining Saluting Battery. It is the oldest operating battery in the world, which has protected the Maltese capital for almost 500 years. 

Valletta architecture is also unique with many remains from the past such as the St. John’s Co-Cathedral which is a vestige of the Knights of Malta’s occupation during the 16th century. In order to discover the history of Malta, Valletta is definitely a must place to visit!  

Valletta city maltese capital view must see place

2. Comino

Called Kammuna in Maltese, it is the third-largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Only 3 people live on the island permanently, the family of the lighthouse guardian. The island takes its name from the only plant that manages to grow in its arid soil, the cumin plant. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malta due to its beautiful landscape. Comino is known for the Blue Lagoon, a sublime cove where the water is of an azure blue. Nothing can match the beauty of this island, which is why Comino is a place that you must visit during your stay in the archipelago.

comino island view must see place malta

3. Mdina

For a return to the past, there is nothing better than to visit the ancient Maltese capital of Mdina. You will enjoy discovering the city through its winding passages. You will be able to admire the sublime St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral built at the end of the 17th century to replace the old cathedral which was destroyed in an earthquake in 1693. The city was also the setting for the hit TV series Game of Thrones, some fans may recognize the characteristic streets of this medieval city. The city overlooks the island of Malta which also offers a beautiful view of the archipelago. If you appreciate this type of timeless atmosphere, Mdina is made for you!

Mdina old capital city of malta view

4. St. Peter’s Pool

Our last recommendation is St. Peter’s pool, a natural pool in the southeast of the island. The water is so clear that it is a real pleasure to swim there. You can access the water with ladders or by jumping from the top of the surrounding cliffs – don’t’ do this on your own! It is a particularly pleasant place in summer and ideal to refresh yourself, moreover, the view is stunning. 

Definitely a must for fans of beaches and turquoise water. 

saint peter's pool malta beach lagoon malta must see place

5. Marsaxlokk

The next place you should see in Malta is Marsaxlokk and especially its fish market! The town is located in the South-Eastern part of Malta and is bordered by the sea.

Multiple historic events took place in the seaside village such as the meeting that officially ended the Cold War between Gorbachev and Bush, but Marsaxlokk is still famous mostly thanks to its fish market. Every Sunday morning, many Maltese go to this village to enjoy fresh products at great prices. The atmosphere is friendly which makes it a pleasant experience to visit. 

You will also appreciate the colourful boats in the port, sporting the Isis Eye. These traditional fishing boats are called Luzzu and are still painted following the Phoenician tradition. A place to visit, without any doubt.

marsaxlokk fish market village luzzu boats malta must see place

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Written by: Zoë Baglan

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