Merry … / … collocations

Well, it’s that time of year again, so we’re going to celebrate with a few collocations – what better way?

So, the school is closing today for the ___________ holidays, so we can all listen to ___________ carols and eat __________ cake and ____________ dinner followed by _____________ pudding, and pull ____________ crackers til’ they snap and the gifts and jokes fall out.


Whether you decide to spend the last few days before ___________ Eve and ___________ Day decorating your _________ tree and putting up ____________ decorations around the house, or doing some ____________ shopping, or even just browsing in the ____________ markets around Dublin, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the time off.

Santa Carrying Shopping BagsChristmas-Tree-Nature1024-226431Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt eröffnetchristmaslightshouse

You could have a few __________ drinks with friends, or sit on Father _____________’s lap and have your photo taken.

Or buy, or borrow a ridiculous ___________ jumper to show your ___________ cheer.


Or watch one of the many versions of Charles Dickens’s “A ________ Carol” – I like the “Muppets’ __________ Carol” most of all.
Or have a whole season of ___________ movies.


And don’t forget to give some nice ____________ gifts, and you’re certain to get some great ___________ presents in return, maybe in your ____________ stocking.


One last thing – have you sent your ___________ cards yet?


I know I said one last thing, but I forgot to say:
Merry ______________ and have a great holiday, one and all.