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Using the Internet can be a really effective way to hear new language being used in context. And unlike reading, it also feeds our 21st century need for screens!

While you might have already watched plenty of YouTube videos, there are many other websites you could visit to improve your English outside one of our classes. But there are so many platforms out there on the web. Are they all equally effective? Let’s take a look at one that I really like…. engVid.

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What is ‘EngVid’?

engVid is a website that offers free online English video lessons for English learners of all levels. They have hundreds of video lessons made by eleven experienced native-speaker teachers. And they have over 10 million users. New lessons are added three times a week and usually last for about 10 to 15 minutes. The classes cover topics such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as exam preparation for big international exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. There are also videos with specific tips for certain situations. For example, how to do well in an online job interview or how to invite that special person on a date.

One of the best things about engVid is its friendly group of instructors. Learning from them feels like being part of a conversation with a friend because of their entertaining approach to teaching. And the examples that they discuss with you on the videos are usually more contemporary in nature than some of the more conventional themes we see in many course books.

How does it work?

Each video is categorised by level – beginner, intermediate or advanced – so you can easily find a video that suits you. After each video you can take a quiz. I’d recommend you always do this. It’s a useful tool to test your understanding of the topic. You can also interact with others in the community to ask questions you might have

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What else?

Who is it for?

It’s for everybody. For students of all levels of English.

Is there an app?

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Only for iOS. Your mobile device must have at least 2.51MB of space to download and install EngVid app. EngVid app is available on iTunes for free.

Do I need to pay?

Not at all. Both the website and the app are totally free.

Do I need to login?

You can, but it’s not necessary. Only if you want to interact with the other users of the website, but I repeat, it’s not necessary.

Are there any disadvantages?

Unfortunately, the app is not available for Android devices. So, many learners won’t be able to use engVid on your mobiles. Another disadvantage is that there is no facility to ask teachers anything if you have any questions about something you don’t quite understand in the video. It is, then really good when at home or even for when we leave Dublin and back to our countries. But I guess there’s nothing like our live teachers! 🙂

Give it a go!

Try these introductory tasks. What you practise is what you get good at!

Task 1 – Go to the engVid website and sign up. It’s free.

Task 2 – Once you have chosen your level, take a look at the different video lessons available. Choose two lessons. Maybe you would like to know the difference between using do or make, or find out more about slang expressions.

Task 3 – Do the video lessons and try the end of lesson quiz to practise what you’ve learnt. You could also leave a comment for the teachers.

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