After a long break the Atlas blog is back.  You may think I’ve been lying in the park, turning pink, with the rest of sun-starved countrymen and women, but actually it was exams that kept me quiet, and indoors.

Enough.  On to today’s topic: the worst words and phrases in English. With millions to choose from, there are always going to be a few we don’t like.  A while ago The Guardian website published an article about the most hated words in English, basing their findings on a survey in The New Yorker magazine.

Topping the list were awesome, epic and bling.  My own personal list would include the pluralised forms of uncountable nouns: behaviour(s) and information(s).  And, when a politician begins a sentence with the phrase: Let’s be very clear, … or  To be honest… .  To me, those phrases mean: cover your ears.

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Over to you.

Which English words and phrases do you hate the most, and why?