It’s break time on Tuesday and the class are talking about going out to a pub tonight.

going out
(Is this a night out, or break time on Tuesday?)

You like your class and you are very good friends with your classmates.


But you need to study for Friday’s test! (And because you love studying so much)


How do you decline their invitation without being rude?

Try out some of these phrases:

– Would you like to come to the pub tonight?
– I’d love to but I can’t.

– Would you like to come to the cinema with us?

– That sounds great but I’m busy. I have to study.

– Would you like to come to a restaurant with us for lunch?
– That would be fun but I already have plans.

– Would you like to come to my house for a party?
house party
– Unfortunately, I have other plans. Sorry!

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