With the new year, we’ve decided to kickstart your learning with a new series of “How to…” blogs. Different Atlas teachers will be contributing on various topics, covering vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, conversational English, spelling and WHATEVER ELSE YOU ASK US FOR.

So, we can’t do this on our own; we need you to tell us what you want, and what you want more (or less) of.
To get going, I’ll offer a couple of tips on expanding your vocabulary.


1. If you don’t understand a word, e.g. “expanding”
– use the context to guess the meaning.
– look it up in a monolingual (English/English) dictionary for language learners.
– take note of the word and its meaning, and use it in a sentence.
– review the word after a day, then after a week.

2. Sometimes a phrase is more important than a word, and we don’t need to focus on the individual words, e.g.
– How are you?

– Can I take a message?

Each of these phrases have particular meanings and breaking them up will just waste time.

3. Record new language you hear in class, or on TV, in movies etc.
Keep a notebook, or a file on your PC/iPad/phone for new language.

4. DON’T be afraid to use new words and phrases.

Now, it’s over to you. Try out these tips and tell us how they go.
And share some of your own ideas for language learning by leaving a comment below.
Oh yeah, and …
Happy new year!!