In a dynamic classroom there are many ways to check the accuracy of our work. We can ask the teacher, we can look up the answers ourselves, or we can work in pairs and groups with other students. They help us and we help them.

hot to check your work

Warning: do not carry other students on your back, but do share your umbrella.

So, what phrases can we use to interact politely and clearly in such situations?

Let’s start with asking the teacher.

The classroom is neither formal, nor informal. Everyone wants to be able to relax and feel comfortable, so they can contribute freely to the lesson, but we still have to work hard, and, of course, be polite.

If you are doing a grammar or vocabulary exercise and want to get the teacher’s attention you can say:

“Excuse me, teacher.”

Or, if you are feeling very Irish and would rather use Hiberno-English:

“Sorry, teacher.”

To say why you need help:

“I’m a bit confused about this.”
“I’m not too sure about this”
“This is giving me some trouble.”
“I’m having difficulties with this.”

Then, to request help:

“Could you help me, please?”
“Could you check this for me, please?”

Sometimes, you can be a bit less formal, but still polite (and show off your knowledge of collocations):

“Could you have a look at this, please?”
“Could you take a look at this, please?”

And then, when the teacher has finished explaining, a simple “Thanks” or “Thank you” should be fine.

With classmates, checking answers may be more of a discussion, so you are likely to use language for making suggestions, agreeing and disagreeing.

For suggestions

“What about this one?”
“Shall we go on to this one here?”

hot to check your work 1

To agree:

“That’s it”
“You’re right”
“You’ve got it”

Or, to disagree, or express doubts:

“I don’t think so.”
“I’m not so sure.”
“You could be right. Let’s check the rules.”

hot to check your work 2
Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to give your opinions, and listen to other students when you’re in pairs or groups. It’s bound to pay off.

And when you get the answer right, just celebrate like the man in the pink shirt:

Or, like one of these lads. Just don’t bash your head off the ceiling!