The Atlas Blogger is back, sluggish from too much sipping and sleeping, with a fuller figure and a slimmer wallet, teary-eyed in the wind.

Happy New Year!

As I’m getting a bit old for going out I “celebrated” the new year on my sofa.

 width=But Atlas students know how to have a good time, in Ireland and abroad.  Let us know where you spent your New Year’s Eve.  And send some pics in if you have ’em.


“You have got to change your life” Doctor Phil tells us on his TV show, echoing the great Prague-born poet Rilke.

Sarcastic David is of course perfect, so needs no improving, but most of you have ways you wish to mend.

So what new year’s resolutions have you made this year?

Post a comment and let us know.

PS: On second thoughts, I resolve to be a tad more modest and a touch more self-critical in 2012.

All the best for the year to come.