Here’s the first in a new occasional series of guest blogs.  Rodolfo Cesar de Sousa lets us in on one of Dublin’s least well kept secrets: the pub that has everything.  Part one is up today with part two on Thursday.  Enjoy.

Beer, music and art in the same place

by Rodolfo César

With Beer in Mind

When the idea of drinking a beer comes to mind, what would be the perfect place to have it? Probably everybody has more than one suggestion; if you are in Dublin, go to The Bernard Shaw. What most people desire when they are having a relaxing beer is a comfortable spot, where they can chat with their friends, listening perfect music for that moment, maybe dance or eat something and, for sure, flirt. I am sure you will find all these things there.

Ancient and Modern

This pub is a sort of traditional place, (it was founded in 1895), with a modern feel. There are six spaces, each one different from the other. Also, the place is a small art gallery and it organizes exhibitions of new and reputed artists, photographers, illustrators, painters and writers from Ireland. With this kind of activity, the place honours its name since it remembers George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright who was awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature (1925) and an Oscar (1939) for Pygmalion.

My Favourite

My favourite spot is the Big Blue Bus. Yes, that is what I said; it’s a bus-pub. The double-decker vehicle retired from the streets of London is in the back yard of the pub. The lower deck is a pizza kitchen (I would say that sounds yummy) and the top deck has tables for sitting out. Also in the back yard you have the smoking area and you can play pool there. Although the Big Blue Bus is located near to the smoking area, if you are on the bus you won’t smell like a cigar, don’t worry.