Monday morning is back again and every Atlas student is full of the usual enthusiasm.

Marconi group '14-2

Yes, they’ve enjoyed the weekend, maybe been on the school trip, or been out for dinner with friends, but the classroom is where they really get excited!

How many new phrases will I learn this week?
What will I be able to say that I can’t now?
And, who is going to join the class this week?

Yes, the new students will be arriving, and it’s important to welcome them. Aisling, Pri, Sheila and the two Sebastians (yes, two) will make them feel welcome when they arrive, and so will Gary when he speaks to everyone about their classes and courses.

But the most important welcome could be from their classmates. So, what’s the best way to do it?

First of all, it’s important to smile. Then we have to think of the right way to greet someone we’re meeting for the first time. There are many ways to be polite and friendly.
Let’s go through a few of the steps:

  • “Hi!2
  • “Hi, welcome to Atlas.”
  • “Hi, welcome to Atlas. Nice to meet you.”
  • “Hi, welcome to Atlas. Nice to meet you. I’m David.”
  • “Hi, welcome to Atlas. Nice to meet you. I’m David. Would you like to sit here?”

Instead of “Would you like to sit here?” you could say: “Come and join us.”

Over to you!

Can you think of some good questions to get to know someone? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

For more greetings, check out this video:

And then you can invite the new students to have lunch with you. But, of course, you already know how to do that from our earlier post!