Here’s the promised part two of Rodolfo’s paean to his favourite Dublin watering-hole.

Outside and In

All those spaces are outside – now inside the pub, you have tables where you can watch games on a big screen. Going through, it has a lower bar, where the DJ plays and, sometimes, a band performs and roughly 50 people can dance. But if you are in the mood to have a private party, there is a space called the Craic Den that the owner rents out for 65 euros. The great idea is you can plug an iPod in or call your DJ friends to play there.


Daytime Drinking

Ok, sometimes you need to have a beer during the day. The Bernard Shaw is open at this time. You can also have lunch or drink a coffee. By the way, eating there could be a great pleasure. They have baked pizzas such as Molly Malone, Pablo’s Pepperoni, Get the Goat, Pick the Pear, Great Green, Totally Tropical and One With All. They are listed in the Dubliner 100 Best Restaurants 2012, from Evening Herald. Have a look at what’s up there on