How Can I Find a Job in Dublin?

There are many ways to find a job in Dublin. The best way for you depends on what type of job you are looking for. For some types of jobs, you should look for them and apply online. However, for others you should go directly to the businesses in person to ask if there are any vacancies. Here are some of the ways we recommend for you to find a job.


Many companies advertise online and this is a great way for you to search for a job. You will be sure to find a wide range of jobs from professional to hospitality and retail jobs

Try these websites:

Dundrum Town Centre is a large shopping centre in the south of the city. At their information desk, they can give you a list of current jobs in the centre, or you can check

how to find a job in dublin

Noticeboards and shop windows

While you’ll find some Dublin jobs advertised in the Dublin newspaper, The Herald, and even the national press (e.g., The Times, The Independent), you are more likely to find part-time jobs and jobs in retail in public places, such as shop noticeboards and even shop windows themselves. So, when you’re looking for work always keep copies of your CV neatly in a folder in your bag, and always be on the lookout for ads in these places:

  • shop, restaurant and bar windows
  • public noticeboards near the checkouts in supermarkets and shopping centres

And, of course, always check the noticeboard in our students’ room for advertisements that have been left by other students or our host families in the school.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies who find or recruit workers for other businesses. Although they are generally used for more professional jobs, they can also be used to find more temporary. has a whole list of recruitments agencies for you to contact and perhaps pay a visit to:

List of recruitment agencies.


Another possibility is to look for a temp job. Temp jobs are temporary jobs such as administrators, data entry clerks or even working as a waiter at conferences. has a big list of temping jobs available online. Just google: “ temp jobs”, for the latest temp jobs going or try to have a google search to see what other companies provide temp jobs.

Employment office FAS

If you are an EU citizen, you might be able to find some work through the Irish Employment Agency FAS. This agency’s main goal is to get people into the world of work, and all EU citizens are entitled to make use of its services. So, google your local FAS office and see what jobs they are currently advertising.


Another great way to find work is to ask your school friends or other people you meet in Dublin for advice on where to look for work. Networking, in fact, might be the best way to find openings. By asking around and showing enthusiasm, this may help you find some work. Many of our students find work through word-of-mouth, so hang out with lots of different people, speak English and let others know you’re looking for work and you’re keen.

Other tips:

  • If applying through websites using an online CV, make sure you check the English carefully to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • Persistence is the key to finding a job. With any job you are turned down for, see this as a good learning opportunity, and get better prepared for the next job opening that will come your way.
  • Make sure they pay you at least the minimum wage. It is the law in Ireland for everyone to be paid the minimum wage.
  • If you want a specific job, google it, e.g., “Au Pair Southside Dublin”. There are a whole range of jobs out there that are a google search away.
  • Make a plan and keep a record of the people you spoke to and the actual jobs you applied for. You could keep a job hunting notebook with all your contacts and a weekly record of where you looked, who you spoke to, etc.

You might be lucky and find a job quickly, but job-hunting can be a journey of ups and downs. It involves a lot time, and requires commitment and resourcefulness. So, be organised, and be prepared to put yourself forward and sell your skills and enthusiasm. Some people advise job hunters to follow the 20-20-60 rule:

Try not to say:

  • spend 20% of your time applying directly to jobs you see posted on job boards.
  • spend another 20% of your time trying to get noticed by temping agencies and recruiters
  • spend the remaining 60% of your time knocking on doors, handing out your CV, talking to other language students and generally networking.

Come to Atlas Job Shop and pass on your job-hunting experiences to other students. Is networking the best way to find a job? The job market in Dublin is always changing so let us know what has worked for you.

Other subjects that are covered in our Job Shop session are:

Have a look at our resources and feel free to contact us if you feel we can help you with preparing for your job in Dublin.