The blog is back.  And the weather’s turned bad, or worse, seeing as it’s Ireland we’re talking about.  The rain returned in abundance last week, so I thought we could take this opportunity to talk a bit about the weather.

It’s been changeable today, with the rain coming and going, the sun popping out and then back in again.  Last night it was tearing down, and the winds were pretty strong too.  This weekend we’re expecting cats and dogs, but there might be some sunny spells from time to time.  I wouldn’t bet on any scorchers though, if I were you.  More likely to be a fresh one.

So, I won’t go on about the weather forever – I know I’m Irish and we like to, but I’ll restrain myself today.

Can you explain the underlined terms and maybe add some of your own?

Please post your ideas as a comment below.

Bye for now.