Student Profiles

Tuba, Turkey

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Tuba, I am 23 and I come from Turkey, where I graduated in Industrial Engineering. I love travelling, learning about new languages and cultures. This is why I decided to go on Erasmus, choosing Naples in Italy as my destination. And then, 4 months ago, I chose Dublin! This is a really good opportunity for me to meet people from different countries and expand my horizons.

What do you like most about Atlas?

I like my friends here! I can learn how to speak Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and practice with them everyday. I also really appreciate the teachers, not just the ones in my class but all of them.

How is Dublin different from your hometown?

My hometown is Kayseri, located in the Anatolian region, in the centre of Turkey, and it’s very different from Dublin: from the weather down to the way our homes look. We have high floors and four seasons, while in here there are three or four floors in each house and there is only one season: rain!

What is the best thing you have seen or done in Ireland so far?

Here in Ireland, I have the chance to work part-time and earn a salary for the first time. It makes me feel much more confident, because I can pay for my own rent and I don’t need to rely on my family for economical support. Now I feel like I could do anything!

Would you suggest Atlas to a friend?

I would really suggest Atlas to everyone! It has the best teachers, who are all really friendly and easy to  communicate with. This helps me gain the confidence to speak English at all times. I always share posts and stories about the school on my Social Media and a lot of my Turkish friends contact me to know more…but not only my friends! Quite a lot of people get in touch with me though Social Media to learn more about Atlas, and I am more than happy to give them all the information they need. I am always happy to advertise Atlas if I can!