Alef, Brazil


I studied for 3 weeks at Atlas and it was really amazing. I made many really good friends from all around the world. Each day was a new and different learning experience, where interactions between students were encouraged. The teaching-learning process with the teacher acting as a mediator of these interactions worked really well.

Alef, Brazil2020-05-19T08:49:23+01:00

Tuba, Turkey


I would really suggest Atlas to everyone! It has the best teachers, who are all really friendly and easy to  communicate with. This helps me gain the confidence to speak English at all times. I always share posts and stories about the school on my Social Media and a lot of my Turkish friends contact me to know more...but not only my friends! Quite a lot of people get in touch with me though Social Media to learn more about Atlas, and I am more than happy to give them all the information they need. I am always happy to advertise Atlas if I can!

Tuba, Turkey2020-05-19T08:45:12+01:00

Jair, Argentina


“Atlas is wonderful! It’s nice to have friends from so many different countries. The academic part is also great: I study in the morning and in the afternoon I can join all the different activities. I’m very thankful to Atlas, studying here has opened up a whole new world for me.”

Jair, Argentina2020-01-20T16:55:34+01:00

Carina, China


“I had some of my best moments in Ireland here in Atlas. My classmates welcomed me so openly to the class that I truly felt integrated and made some great friends. I enjoyed that there are so many different opportunities both, inside the school and during the social activities.”

Carina, China2020-01-20T16:54:28+01:00

Camila, Chile


“Atlas is like a family! The environment at Atlas is simply special, people are friendly and helpful and even silly questions are not turned down but openly welcomed. There is always something going on with the social programme during the week and the organised activities at the weekends, so it’s never boring!”

Camila, Chile2020-01-20T16:51:38+01:00

Luan, Brazil


“I love Atlas! It’s a bit like lasagne to me because lasagne is my favourite dish. With Atlas you can experience a lot of Ireland and the social programme is probably one of the best things because there you can make friends outside the classroom. ”

Luan, Brazil2020-01-20T16:47:38+01:00

Fang, China


“The location is so good. The school is right beside the famous Grand Canal! I like that the students come from everywhere and that I have friends from everywhere. You can learn a lot about different cultures! ”

Fang, China2020-01-20T16:41:59+01:00

Kathleen, France


I cherish that my team is very international with staff from many different countries. I like that I get to learn new things every day as every student and case is different and there are always new challenges. Additionally, we often have pastries (croissants!!) on Fridays.

Kathleen, France2020-01-20T16:35:28+01:00