Student Profiles

Narye, Korea

Hi Narye, tell us a bit about yourself..
Hi! I’m Narye Aka Reina. I’m 31 years old from Korea and my home city is Seoul, the capital of Korea. After majoring in fashion, I worked as an Underwear Merchandiser for almost 7 years.

Why did you decide to study English?
While working in one field for a long time and thinking about changing jobs, I wanted a new challenge abroad. Therefore, I decided to study English while also getting a break. I was worried about starting something different in another country, but for me, this became an exciting new experience.

Why did you choose Ireland?
To be honest, I wanted to go to a big city, study and acquire new skills. While I was looking for different countries, I got to know Ireland. Among them, I notice that Dublin is a small city but offers many opportunities and it’s the home of warm people. Indeed, the first welcome was a very bright smile and positive energy from everybody.

What are your favourite spots in Ireland?
For me, being in Ireland means that everywhere I am is the best place to be. One of my favourites is the Grand Canal, which flows through the center of Dublin and past Atlas, too. After class, I really like to take long walks along the canal. Here, I meet many people who run, ride bicycles or walk like me. Try it and bring your friends after class!

What do you like about Atlas?
Although the current situation is very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlas staff are quick to respond to any queries. If you have any problems or questions, they will guide and support you!
I am also very satisfied with the online classes as they are still interesting and of high quality. The Atlas teachers are energetic and give constructive feedback, too. Every day in class is memorable!

If you were to recommend Atlas to your best friend, what would you say?
I would say: just go to Atlas!
The team there is always available for you and they are so enthusiastic.
In addition to regular classes, there are social programme activities where you can practice what you have learned in class.
At the end, your last day at Atlas can be very emotional because you don’t want to part with them!!