Student Profiles

Luan, Brazil


Hi Luan! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Salvador in Brazil but I moved to São Paulo to study Business Administration. I was working as a banker in Brazil but, as many documents needed to be translated into English, I wanted to improve my English. Ireland seemed like a good option as I can study and work at the same time.

What’s different here to São Paulo?

We have beaches as well, but the water is warm when you go swimming! Nevertheless I’d recommend going on the surfing trip to Sligo with Atlas. You shouldn’t miss the experience of taking a dip in the ocean! Furthermore meeting people from other countries taught me that greetings are handled differently among cultures. In Brazil, we usually hug if we meet, but some Asian friends told me that in their countries it means that you are really close to that person.

What’s worth visiting in Dublin?

Go to Kilmainham Gaol! There you can discover how Ireland was “born” and learn about the people who set Ireland free. I also like Croke Park which is a huge stadium and even if you are not into sports it’s worth a visit. One of my favourites is also the EPIC Museum where you can learn about Irish emigration.

What’s a memorable experience you had?

Once it was raining heavily and I just entered a pub to escape the storm. An older man approached me and just offered to buy me a coffee and have a chat and sit down with him. People are really friendly here in Ireland!

Any tips for new students?

If you want to get a job, always try to talk to the manager of the company! Go to as many places as you can and even pop in if they do not advertise vacancies! Also important: if you have a different currency in your home country, try to figure out what the exchange rate is. I often thought that the food in the restaurant is cheap because I forgot about the different currency.

How would you describe Atlas?

I love Atlas! It’s a bit like lasagne to me because lasagne is my favourite dish. With Atlas you can experience a lot of Ireland and the social programme is probably one of the best things because there you can make friends outside the classroom.

Thanks Luan!