Student Profiles

Lianni, Uruguay


Hi Lianni! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

I was born in Venezuela but moved to Uruguay’s capital Montevideo 4 years ago. I travel a lot as my family is quite spread out: my father lives in Colombia, my mum in Argentina, my brother in Mexico and my grandparents in Miami. After having studied Graphic Design I launched my own company and am now working as a freelancer. So if you’re looking for a logo or website, just get in touch via website: and instagram: @liahdesign

Why did you choose Ireland?

Ireland has a lot of green countryside and The Legend of Zelda is one of my favourite Nintendo games and has many “greenish” background images. The game therefore reminds me a lot of Ireland! Apart from that, I am interested in Celtic Culture. It has been a big dream of mine to come here and improve my English. I even sacrificed my precious Nintendo which I used to play Zelda on and resold it.

Anything that poses difficulties?

The amount of doors to my apartment! It literally takes me 9 doors to enter my room! Also, everything seems to be upside down and people drive on the “wrong” (left) side of the road. So make sure to change your language for navigation to British English and don’t use American English. I encountered the problem that Google Maps always told me to “keep right” when I was cycling, which is obviously wrong!

Any tips for new students?

Get yourself a bike and most importantly: get a proper unbreakable lock with it! It will save you a lot of time and money. You will see more of Dublin, are not limited by time and will get healthy and fit at the same time.

Where to grab good food in Dublin?

For Ice Cream you should head to Amorino, which is close to St Stephen’s Green. The blueberry cheesecake flavour is delicious!
For the best Fish & Chips I’d recommend to venture out to the seaside town Howth, it’s just a short train ride from Dublin.
Finally, guess what I suggest to get at The Queen of Tarts in Temple Bar? Tasty tarts! Make sure you choose the Baileys cheesecake.

What do you like about Atlas?

The structure and international spirit at Atlas are delightful as I love to learn about new countries and cultures! It’s amazing and great how energetic and motivated the teachers are. I have worked in a Summer Camp and been in a similar position, so I know that it is not always easy to keep people engaged and attentive.

Thanks Lianni!