Student Profiles

Kathleen, France

Intern, Admission Office

Hi Kathleen! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

I moved several times during my life but would call Strasbourg (France) my hometown. It’s a nice student city which is close to Germany, has a tram that works properly, has loads of events, is eco & vegan friendly and is the seat of the European Parliament. I am in the second year of my Master’s Degree of “Educational Mobilities Management” in Caen. Currently I am doing my internship at Atlas in the Admissions Office.

Why Ireland and Atlas?

My brother moved to Cork in Ireland in 2011 and I have been visiting the country at least once a year since then. In 2016 I also spent my exchange year in the south of Ireland in Cork. I wanted to work for Atlas as it is a big school in Ireland and I was eager to do an internship in a company where I can actually learn things.

Are you living with a host family?

Yes I do and recommend it 100%. It’s probably a bit calmer than if you lived in a shared flat with other people but that’s good for me, as I need to do lots of work for university. Also my host mum is amazing! She is literally my “second” mum. She doesn’t only cook for me, but we watch movies together, get take-away food, go out together, she dropped me at a friends place by car and once she even bought me some clothes.

How’s the Admissions Office?

It’s grand! I cherish that my team is very international with staff from many different countries. I like that I get to learn new things every day as every student and case is different and there are always new challenges. Additionally, we often have pastries (croissants!!) on Fridays.

Anything noteworthy about your work colleagues?

I feel a bit outnumbered by the first names of my female colleagues at Atlas. All their names end with an “a” (e.g. Alessia, Mariana, Annika, Nikolina, Andrea, Lucia, Elisa, Camila, Ada – and the best of all Laura) – only my name Kathleen is different.

What do you like about Atlas?

The people! I like working in an international environment with nice people.

Any tips for new students?

If you do not have a Leap Card and you want to go on the bus in Dublin: make sure you take cash with you!
Visit places around Dublin, such as Howth, Bray and Dun Laoghaire.

Thanks Kathleen!