Student Profiles

Jair, Argentina


Hi Jair! Tell us a bit about yourself and where you come from.
I’m Jair from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. I’m a student in Atlas but back home I’m an industrial engineer. I also used to do Judo and compete on our national team. Argentina is a really beautiful country. From Patagonia in the south to Jujuy in the north, there’s so much to see and do!

Why did you decide to come to Ireland?
After some time backpacking in north Argentina, I realised I really wanted to travel, so I started to do some research. At first, I applied for universities here in Ireland but, as it was very expensive and I couldn’t get a scholarship, I had to change my plans. I felt like Ireland was calling me and I really needed to come here, so I decided to study English. New Zeland and Australia were also an option but I just knew it had to be Ireland.

What are your feelings about Ireland now?
Dublin is much smaller but also much safer than my hometown. Despite the wet and windy weather, I really like the architecture, the atmosphere, and the people here. It is difficult to be far from my girlfriend and family, but from the moment I set foot in Ireland, it felt like home! I am very happy here.

What do you like about?
Atlas is wonderful, I’m really in love with the school. I tell everyone how nice it is to have friends from so many different countries, cultures, and religions. Here we all communicate in English and it made me realise that, despite our differences, we share the same problems and dreams. The academic part is also great: I study in the morning and in the afternoon I can join all the different activities. I’m very thankful to Atlas, studying here has opened up a whole new world for me.

Thanks Jair!