Student Profiles

Hiromi Sakade, Japan

Tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Hiromi and I am from Japan. I am 22 years old. I enjoy watching movies and reading books.

What do you do in Japan and why did you come to Malta?

Before I came to Malta, I was a university student. I was studying international business with a focus on trade between China and Japan but after the pandemic started, I quit and decided to go abroad. There were not many places you could travel to. So, I started to do research and I heard that Malta is a good place for studying abroad. The people in my agency were friendly and helped me decide. I came here in May and spent the summer in Malta. Considering the timing and the country’s character, Malta was really the best option for me.

Did you have any expectations of Malta or Atlas Language School?

I had many expectations since I researched a lot about Malta before I came here. I also heard that there are only a few Japanese students and I thought that might be good for me. That way, I could improve my English more since I’d have to communicate with people from different nationalities. I was also a little bit worried about going abroad by myself but my flatmates welcomed me and made my time here enjoyable.

Have you made any friends?

Yes, I have made a lot of friends here. Most of them are from different countries and I enjoy hearing about their cultures. I have also been enjoying conversations about the similarities and differences between everyone’s languages.

What was your first impression of Atlas?

My first impression was that the school is stylish and clean. The teachers are amazing and so kind. Also, the apartments are clean, since there is a cleaner coming every week to keep everything in good condition.

What was your most memorable experience at Atlas?

My most memorable experience was travelling with my friends to visit the students, who had already graduated from Atlas, in their home countries. We went to many different places and tried each country’s local food.

Do you enjoy studying here?

Yes, I do! I have met so many people and the time I am spending with them is so precious to me. In Japan, I can’t have the same experience. Of course, it was a bit difficult in the beginning, but my newfound friends and the teachers helped me with everything.

Would you recommend Atlas Malta to other people?

I highly recommend studying at Atlas in Malta. The people are very nice to each other and everyone is really close. It is so easy to find friends here!

Do you have any message for new students?

At first, I was nervous and worried about staying in Malta by myself. I was very self-conscious about my English. However, there is nothing to be scared of. As I mentioned before, everyone here is very helpful. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and we are here to improve, which I definitely have!