Student Profiles

Gino, Chile

Hi Gino! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

Hi. Im Gino. I’m coming from Chile, capital of Santiago. I’m an engineer by profession, but I’ve specialized in information security and organizational behaviour management. The last two years I’ve been travelling, mainly in South America, but before that, I worked for the government of Chile in the area of planning and cybersecurity. As a hobby I like to take pictures. I believe that there are no good or bad pictures, each one contains a great number of interpretations.

Why did you decide to study English?

Different experiences in my life always related to the English language. But it was not easy to learn English in Chile. While I was travelling I decided to study English since I wanted to visit more countries where Spanish, my native language, was not spoken. Instead of just visiting, I went further and decided to live the experience of living in an English speaking country. Atlas has answered many of my questions about how to learn English, as well helped me to overcome certain fears of speaking and using English.

Why did you choose Ireland?

Ireland is undoubtedly a very interesting country in many ways: history, landscapes, economically stable and in constant technological growth. It also has job opportunities for language students which allow students to continue studying English or pursuing another degree. Also, if you want to get to know Europe, Ireland is an excellent base. There are very cheap flights from Ireland to the rest of Europe. These and other points were the ones I considered when I did my analysis of where to study. So, the next step was where I was going to live and study in Ireland. I decided to live in Dublin because all I have heard about this cosmopolitan and artsy city has been excellent. Furthermore, there are job opportunities for students with a stamp 2 visa and it has the biggest and most beautiful park in Europe: Phoenix Park, i love it…! In conclusion, you have: beautiful and old infrastructure with a lot of history, job offers, good parties (and believe me this is important because this is where you practice your English the most) and excellent connections for your trips.

What are your favourite spots in Ireland?

Getting to know Ireland has been amazing. Without a doubt I could not have learnt about so many places without Atlas. When you arrive at Atlas you will not only learn English, but you will also be filled with experiences. When I travel with the school I don’t only get to know the places, I also learn about the culture, the history of the places and their people. At the moment, one of my favourite places is Sligo because you can practice surfing and you can sleep in your camping tent. I also like the Kilkenny Castle which is impressive. I plan to rent a car and see the places I’m missing (this is another point in favour of Ireland, rent a car and travel around the island), I would like to see several more places, like Cork, Killarney, Dingle, or the Clonmacnoise Monastery.

What do you like about Atlas?

Atlas is special. When you talk about Atlas with other students or people from Dublin, you talk with pride about studying at Atlas. There is a sense of belonging that is generated in the first weeks when you experience the human warmth of the staff. I was only looking for an English course, but here I found more than that. I will leave with a life experience and with new friends. All of this certainly could not be achieved without the staff at Atlas. Why do I like Atlas? Because I feel very happy here.

If you were to recommend Atlas to your best friend, what would you say?

I would tell you that our memories are one of the most valuable assets we possess and if you want to add beautiful memories while learning English, you have come to the right place.