Student Profiles

Florencia Balbi, Argentina

Tell us a bit about yourself… Where are you coming from, what is your profession?

I’m Florencia from Argentina. I moved to Ireland two years ago with the idea to stay no more than a year! At the end, I am still here because I fell in love with the country and its people! I am an accountant and I had the chance to work, for a few months, in the Finance Department in an Irish company. Currently, I am working as a childminder and this is also a great experience for me!

Why did you decide to study English?

I’ve always been fascinated about languages. I started studying English when I was 8 and I remember enjoying the classes since the very beginning. After ten years I sat for the Cambridge FCE and didn’t go any further because I was moving to a different city to go to college. I always had that pending task of sitting for the CAE exam and that’s the reason I joined Atlas in 2020.

Why did you choose Ireland?

There are two moments I chose Ireland; first, when I chose it to move to. The reason behind this wasn’t very romantic, it was because I wanted to live abroad, preferably in Europe, and Ireland’s official language was English!: second, when I decided I’d like to stay longer! I fell in love with the kind people, the rural sides of it, how everything is so close and how I can see myself living here 🙂

What are your favourite spots in Ireland?

So many spots I loved in the Emerald Island! But if I had to choose, I’d say Galway city, County Sligo, and Leixlip, in County Kildare, where I live now 🙂

How do you feel about studying during COVID-19 times? Do you like our online classes?

These are challenging times we are living in. At first one would be happy to skip the long commute to school: but after two weeks attending classes in our pyjamas we find ourselves appreciating the times we spent in the classroom with new people that would more easily become our friends! It’s a bit harder to stay focused while in online classes, but a collaborative group of students and great teachers is what makes it enjoyable.

What do you like about Atlas?

What I love about Atlas is how reachable everyone is! The team is so responsive and willing to help you, from the admissions team to the teachers and the exam coordinators.

I found the classes and materials to be very appropriate, too! 

Finally, Atlas itself, in normal circumstances, is so enjoyable to hang around!