Student Profiles

Fang, China


Hi Fang! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

Originally I am from Anhui province in China, but now I am based in both Shanghai and Anhui. After kindergarten, I moved away from home to attend a boarding school and only came home during the holidays. I studied finance management at university.

What’s different to Dublin?

Anhui and the region are famous for its tea. However, unlike the Irish, we do tend to drink our tea without milk!

Any tips for new students?

Go and attend the afternoon activities that Atlas offers! There are many, such as the reading circle and English thru music. You will improve your English much quicker. Also join the social programme where you will meet loads of friends.

What are your favourite spots in Dublin?

Phoenix Park is so nice! There are lots of trees and plants and I like nature. Also do not miss out on going to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway!

What do you like about Dublin?

Dublin is so beautiful and romantic. I am fascinated by its colourfulness. In China, nearly all the buildings are tall and look alike! I love the colourful doors in Dublin, especially the red ones as I really like that colour. That’s why I also really like Temple Bar, because there is a lot of red!

What do you like about Atlas?

The location is so good. The school is right beside the famous Grand Canal! I like that the students come from everywhere and that I have friends from everywhere. You can learn a lot about different cultures!

Thanks Fang!