Student Profiles

Emma, France

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Emma, I’m from Besançon, France. It’s a small town close to Switzerland. It’s very quiet, but there are a few places there worth visiting – like the Citadelle, for example. And the people there are friendly, so that’s nice.

Do you like travelling? Which other countries had you visited before you came to Malta?

I have mostly travelled within my country, but since France is next to Spain and Italy, I’ve been able to spend one day or two there every now and then. But now that I’ve come to Malta, I want to visit a lot more countries – Korea, Turkey, and South America. Every country has something different to offer, and now I know people who live there, so it’s easier to go!

Why did you come to Malta?

The boyfriend of one of my college friends had been here in Malta. He really enjoyed it, so he recommended it to me. Meline and I considered other places, like Dublin and Australia, but we decided to come here since it’s cheaper and closer to France. Malta’s good weather and its famous party scene also helped with the decision!!

What did you know about Malta before you came here?

The parties!! When I got here I was surprised in a good way, they definitely lived up to the expectations! I also knew about the Blue Lagoon in Comino, I really wanted to go there.

And have you been there?

Yes, I have. The landscape is beautiful, but I wish there were fewer people there so I could actually appreciate nature. But yes, it’s BEAUTIFUL there!

What is your favourite place in Malta so far?

The Riviera Beach! Meline and I went there soon after we arrived in Malta, and the beach was empty. It was so calm, and I think it was the most beautiful sunset we’ve seen on the island so far!

What do you like about Malta?

The weather – even if it was so and so sometimes. I also love seeing the sea every day, and Valletta is great. And the people here come from all around the world. Everyone is super open-minded and friendly, it’s very easy to meet new people! I have made a lot of friends here, but we know that after we leave Malta we’ll probably never see each other again, it’s very sad. But maybe we will meet again, let’s hope so!

How is Malta different from France?

I mean, it’s still Europe, so a lot of things are similar. But the driving here IS weird – both the fact that the cars are on the right side of the road and the driver’s attitude.

What do you think about Atlas?

On my first day, I was surprised by how modern the building is. It’s not like the schools in France, which are more old-fashioned. And the fact that we can see the sea from the school also surprised me.

The teachers are very attentive, they really want us to improve! And they don’t judge us when we make mistakes, they don’t look down on the students. I don’t feel like there’s a strict hierarchy in the classroom.

What has been the most memorable thing about studying at Atlas?

Meeting people from so many different countries, for sure! Now I’m able to speak with people I don’t know. Back in France, we don’t really do that, we mostly just talk with our friends and family.

Have you got any advice for new students at Atlas?

Enjoy every day, because time goes by very fast! And don’t leave anything for tomorrow, because the weather might not be good! 😂