Student Profiles

Camila, Chile


Hi Camila! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?
That simple question turns out to be a bit tricky. Originally I am from Concepción in Chile, but I’ve moved a lot in my life. I’ve attended 10 different schools, done an exchange in New Zealand, spent a year in Brazil and 10 years in Argentina before moving to Santiago in Chile. I am studying International Trade in Santiago when I am not here in Dublin.

How’s Dublin different from Santiago??
The people, the size and safety. With a metropolitan population of 1.8 million, Dublin is way smaller than Santiago which has 6.5 million inhabitants. Consequently, Dublin is much safer and I don’t feel threatened when I walk alone at night. Also, people are friendlier and more fun and it is very common here to go to bars and pubs.

Do you have some advice for new students??
Be prepared for the weather – it is a stereotype that turned out to be true! Apart from that, you get ready to eat a lot of potatoes. Also, don’t be shy and go to the extracurricular activities as you will make great friends there. And very important: don’t be afraid of the Irish accent and try to use your native language as little as possible.

Where to go in Ireland?
I have joined many of Atlas organised activities, such as Saturday day trips and overnight weekend trips. On top of my list are the cities Belfast and Galway and the seaside towns Greystones, Howth and Malahide. Within Dublin my favourite spots are St. Stephens Green, Phoenix Park and the Grand Canal next to Atlas Language School. If I head for a beer I like to go to Devitt’s and order a pint of traditional Irish Smithwicks.

What do you like most about Atlas?
It’s like a family! The Atlas staff and teachers are lovely and being friends with the interns is great fun. The environment at Atlas is simply special, people are friendly and helpful and even silly questions are not turned down but openly welcomed. There is always something going on with the social programme during the week and the organised activities at the weekends, so it’s never boring! Just go to the social activities and have fun with your friends!

Thanks Camila!