Our Work and Learn group programmes combine English in the classroom with work experience related to students’ areas of study. These specialised programmes improve students’ English while also broadening their horizons by placing them in a work environment relevant to their interests and studies.

These programmes combine our Irish Culture and Communication Course (ICC) with additional volunteer work experience, seminars, educational workshops, project work and field work. There are currently nine Work and Learn options. The most popular options are Agriculture, Tourism, Volunteer Work, Art, and Sustainability.

In class, lessons are integrated with the relevant work topics and job clubs where students can learn how to write a CV, a cover letter and will be prepared for an interview.

Volunteer Work

This programme combines our ICC English course with a volunteer work experience in local shops in the city. The shop volunteer will work providing assistance in a retail shop carrying out a variety of duties.

Programme Includes:

  • Overview of the NGO sector in Ireland.
  • 15 hours per week of work experience in local shops.
  • Work experience includes assisting with sorting and preparing items for sale, customer service, shop display and working the till, etc.



This group programme combines our ICC English course with educational workshops and visits related to agriculture and business.

Programme Includes:

  • Overview of Agriculture sector in Ireland including details of farm production, rural development and future prospects for farming.
  • Visits to agri-businesses and Irish local organic farms, orchards, breweries and cheesemakers.



The Tourism group programme combines our ICC English course with classroom input sessions, tourism field work, research and project work.

Programme Includes:

  • Overview of the tourism industry in Ireland, special focus on Tourism Ireland.
  • Design of questionnaire for selected tourism sites in Dublin.
  • Interviews with staff in the tourism industry and visitors to tourism sites.


Art and Culture

The Art and Culture group programme combines our ICC English course with a practical project in an Irish artist’s studio workspace in Dublin city centre.

Programme Includes:

  • Irish artist who works with the students in an art studio.
  • Students organize a temporary exhibition showing what they have made during the week.
  • An Atlas Open Day Exhibition at the end of the programme where Atlas students and staff will be asked to attend.
  • Visits to modern and contemporary art galleries and museums.



This group programme combines our ICC English course with educational workshops and visits to organizations which are dedicated to building a better and cleaner world through their sustainable business practices.

Programme Includes:

  • Overview of renewable energy industry in Ireland, focus on some Irish companies specialising in the area.
  • Visits to eco village, wind farms and renewable energy companies.
  • Talks about relevant topics such as renewable energy, solar and wood powered heating system, community food garden, waste management, green enterprise centres and others.


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