Diba Muftuoglu, Turkey

Hi Diba, where are you from?

I’m from Antalya, Turkey (a very big city next to the sea).

What brought you to Ireland?

My cousin comes to Ireland about 4 times each year for holidays and he told me that it’s beautiful. I wanted to come here because Dublin is similar to my city: many shops, the people. My manager also told me, that Irish people are very friendly and helpful.

What do you do in Turkey?

I studied International Trade and then worked for 4 years in rent-a-car agency and for an insurance agency. But I also need English for my job, which is another reason why I came to Ireland.

What do think about Ireland – the people, the food, etc?

The Irish people are really lovely, friendly and helpful. For example, my host family is very good, they talk a lot, so my English improves from day to day. I don’t really like potatoes and potatoes are very often used in the Irish kitchen (but that’s similar to Turkey). In Ireland I love all the old beautiful buildings, streets and churchs.

What do you do in you free time?

I meet my friends to go to a pub or other interesting places. I like reading books, especially books written in English, so that I can can improve my English. I also like shopping in the Irish gift shops like Carrols.

How long are you going to stay?

I’m going to stay for one year. I celebrated my first Christmas here with my Irish family. In Turkey we only celebrate Christmas on the 31st of December (until the morning of the 1st of January).

Have you picked up any Irish expressions that are funny / strange/ interesting to you?

The Irish talk very fast and they combine many words. Like How are you –> “How’re ya?”. Even if the Irish talk different, with an accent, I understand them very well, because they speak so clearly.

What do you like about studying at Atlas?

The teachers are really funny and very helpful. Even after class, they help me everyday. The staff is very helpful, too. I wanted to have a host family and I got one very very quickly, that was good, too. And I really like the activities in the afternoons.