Clara Zilbermann, Spain

Hi Clara! Where are you from?

I’m from Spain, from a little town called Cadiz in Andalucia, in the South.

Tell us about your life in Spain.

Before I came here I was working in a school. I used to go out with my friends a lot. I did 2 years of a degree in History and Geography. I want to pass the Cambridge exam now and then finish my degree and find a job.

Why did you come to Ireland?

I am a teacher in Spain and I decided to come here to do the First Certificate in English because now everybody who teaches in a school in Spain has to have this certificate.

What do you think of Dublin?

I like the atmosphere: the way there are a lot of people in the street and on Grafton St there are people busking. I also like the people and the pubs.

What do you do in your free time here?

I spend time with my friends, and I read a lot of books. I love to go out to the pubs. I watch English language movies and listen to music. I like all kinds of music but my taste in music depends on my mood and state of mind at the time.

What would be your advice to new students coming here?

Try not to be with people of your own nationality because if you speak all the time in your own language you won’t learn English. Try to get to know some Irish people to practice your English. Use all your time well because you will probably never have an experience like this again.

What is the biggest difference between Ireland and Spain?

The weather is not so good here! Spanish people also talk very loud and move their hands
and are more expressive than Irish people. We express our emotions very much! And the food of course is very different!

Finally what do you think of Atlas?

I love the atmosphere here and all the teachers are great! The activities in the afternoon are also great to get to know Dublin and to practice my English!

Thanks Clara!