Tatiana Gomes Reis, Brazil

Hi Tatiana, can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Brazilian and I’m from Sao Paulo. Before I came here I worked for in a bank for 7. I did a degree in Biology in
the Uninove which is the Central University.

What is your life like in Brazil?

I live with my family and I like going out with my friends and reading books. I love reading!

Why did you come to Ireland?

I really wanted to finish an English course to improve my English. It is important to know English and it helps if you want to find a good job.

Why did you choose Dublin?

Because it’s in Europe and it’s possible to travel all over Europe from here. Also the facilities to get a Visa here are great and I can work here as well as study.

Is there anything you’ve found strange in Ireland?

Nothing strange. I like it so much because the people are happy like Brazilian people, and they like to go out, too!

What do you think about the weather?

It’s strange, because in one minute it’s raining and in the next minute it’s sunny. But it’s not as bad as I thought.

Have you travelled much since you’ve been here?

I have already gone to London for one week and to Galway. I still want to go to Edinburgh, France, Spain, and to Italy because my greatgrandmother and great-grandfather were from Italy. I want to travel everywhere in Europe!

What do you recommend to other Atlas students?

Don’t only think about parties, it’s great that you enjoy your time here, but don’t forget about your main objective which is to learn English!

Finally, what do you think about Atlas?

I love the school! In the class everybody is close to each other and we laugh a lot. It is a nice and relaxed atmosphere and the teachers are great! I really enjoy being here. Here, I have gained more than only English, I have gained more friends and a group of people around me!

Thanks Tatiana