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  • 2 hours group tuition / week:

          Beginners (A1.1. and A1.2.): Mondays, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
          Higher levels (A2.1.-B1.2): Tuesdays, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

TermLevelsStart DateEnd DateOpen NightPayment by
1: Winter 2020Beginners (A1.1) Monday 13th JanuaryMonday 16th MarchWednesday 8th January 6.30pmFriday 10th January
A1.2 to B1.2Tuesday 14th JanuaryWednesday 18st March
2: Spring 2020 Beginners (A1.1) (1)Monday April 6thMonday June 8thWednesday April 1stFriday April 3rd
A1.2 to B1.2Tuesday April 7thMonday June 10th
3: Summer 2020Beginners (A1.1) (2)Monday July 6thMonday September 7thWednesday July 1stFriday July 3rd
A1. 2 to B1.2Tuesday July 7thWednesday September 9th
4: Autumn 2020Beginners (A1.1) (3)Monday October 5thMonday December 7thWednesday September 30thFriday October 2nd
A1.2 to B1.2Tuesday October 6thWednesday December 9th
¹Please note that Atlas will be closed during the Spring Term on the following bank holidays: Easter Monday, May Bank Holiday and June Bank Holiday. Classes will be rescheduled for Tuesday in the following week.
²Please note that Atlas will be closed during the Summer Term on the following bank holidays: August Bank Holiday. Classes will be rescheduled for Tuesday in the following week.
³Please note that Atlas will be closed during the Autumn Term on the following bank holidays: October Bank Holiday. Classes will be rescheduled for Tuesday in the following week.
⁴It may not be possible to run classes at every level in all languages. Please check our website for more information




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French Courses in Dublin

Known as the great language of love, French is also the language of great food, great literature, music and film. Here at Atlas Language School, we offer French courses in Dublin, covering all levels of the French language, from beginner to advanced. If you are looking to enrol on a French class in Dublin, then Atlas Language School is your solution.

French is spoken as a native language by over 200 million people and is widely spoken as a second language. Learning the French language through one of our French courses in Dublin will leave you with skills which you will feel confident enough using in real business and social situations.

Our French courses in Dublin are taught by highly qualified teachers with extensive and varied experience of teaching environments in Ireland and around the world. We use a communicative approach for our French classes in Dublin. While developing your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, you will also have every opportunity to communicate meaningfully through French. The emphasis of our French course is firmly on using the French language.

While comprehensively covering all key grammar areas, your French classes in Dublin will also focus on language for real life situations, from ordering coffee or asking for directions to discussing the latest news stories or French film. In addition to your French classes in Dublin, we can also advise you on your personal learning plan, recommend self-study books and give you tips for the best e-learning opportunities. Atlas are a leading Language School in Ireland offering French courses in Dublin, as well as other language courses.

Why learn French?

  • Communicate with over 200 million native French speakers worldwide.
  • Learn French to enhance your travel experiences.
  • Use French to improve your employment potential.
  • Boost your academic skills.
  • Gain access to French-speaking cultures, art, music, literature and film.


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