Storm Emma has allowed us all a few days of nothing but eating, drinking and building snowmen, but it’s time to shake off the cabin fever and get going with our social programme. We have covered a lot of ground in 2018 and it’s only two months into the year! If you have not yet gotten into the swing of things, what better time to start immersing yourself in the Irish culture than March; The month that holds the St Patrick’s Festival and celebrates everything great about Ireland, its culture and, of course, its people   

In this post, let’s explore Ireland’s Wonderful West before you actually explore it with us; Did you know we have an overnight trip to the west of Ireland this month?



Open any travel guide, Tripadvisor, The Lonely Planet… you name it, The Cliffs of Moher are an absolute must-see. At their highest point they are 214m tall and span across 8 miles! Their beauty, and sheer vastness, are guaranteed to take your breath away. Get up close and personal with the cliffs and their totally vertical face that plunge down into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.. But not too close!



As if they weren’t cool enough already, something you may not know about the Cliffs of Moher is that they have featured on the big screen on more than one occasion, including: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Sense and Sensibility, and the Princess Bride.





The Cliffs of Moher – the faces are completely vertical so approach the edge with care!


While the cliffs are perhaps the most famous, they are not the only highlight you’ll find along the Wild Atlantic Way. The Burren, a 350 sq kilometer region, offers sightings some of the most unique rock formations, plants and wildlife. In fact, this place is so unique it is home to Ireland’s only reptile – the slow worm or Legless Lizard! Catching the sun as it begins to set on the Burren is truly magical and, with a bit of luck, something you will have the opportunity to experience while traveling from the Cliffs of Moher to Galway City..





Stunning shot of The Burren from above





A Dolmen, a structure typical of the Megalithic Stone Age



Whenever I join the Atlas trip to the West, the Burren is my favourite part. But then again, it’s difficult to choose a favourite part when you also visit Galway to spend the night there AND get a ferry ride out to Inis Mór, one of the Aran Islands, to take a leisurely cycle around this fascinating little place the next day!


Let us know what your favourite part of the Atlas Overnight Trip to The West of Ireland is when you get back on 25th March, we can’t wait to hear all about your amazing experiences



As promised, the March Social Programme Calendar. Lot’s of fun in store as always. Take a look for yourself:







Don’t see something listed here that you’d like to see on the agenda? Well it’s never too late to give us your suggestions. Just speak to our friendly reception staff, or leave us some feedback on the Social Programme and we’ll make it happen!

For more information and photos from our 2017 trips to the West of Ireland, follow this link


Until next time…