“I really like Atlas because it is nice to be surrounded by so many international people and share a similar experience of coming from a foreign country to Ireland. I like that everyone is so open-minded, friendly and supportive.”

Sarah Kiesgen, Germany. October ’17

“It is a very international environment with people from a lot of different backgrounds and I love working in a very outgoing and friendly team. Of course the school is also located in a beautiful building at a great location close the city centre. On top of that I was offered a full-time job position following my internship.”

Ida Peters, Netherlands. September ’17

“I like that people here are so open-minded and that you can find people from so many different cultures at Atlas.”

Rahel Haenggi, Switzerland. August ’17

“I like the people, especially my co-workers – they are all so friendly and I can ask them questions at anytime. The Atlas building is my favourite building here in Dublin.”

Bianca Deckart, Germany. July ’17

“The atmosphere in the office is pretty enjoyable and all co-workers are very helpful. I like, that students are not forced, but rather motivated to study here, which creates a positive spirit.”

Lennart Gehl, Germany. June ’17

“I love the friendly people that work here as they made me feel welcome from the very beginning. I also like the fact that I have the opportunity to meet students from very different backgrounds and from all corners of the world. It has a home-like vibe.”

Ernest Alilovic, Slovenia. March ’17

“I like this school a lot, because there are so many people from different countries. But not only the students, but also the staff is very international. It is nice to get to know new people and to see new faces every day. Also, I really enjoy the work atmosphere here, the reception is very bright and friendly and I am happy to do my internship here.”

Lisa Kammerer, Austria. February ’17

“I really like the atmosphere in the school, the mixture of people from different parts of the world, everybody is friendly and helpful. The staff is very nice, as well. There is no tension in the office, everything is easy.”

Krisina Hanusova, Slovakia. November ’16

I really enjoy the whole atmosphere here in school. And everyone helps you if you have any problems with anything. Also the location of the school is just amazing.”<

Natasha Savenko, Russia. October ’16

“Atlas is a great place. The people here are very friendly and helpful, which is great if you are new in a country. The working atmosphere is very nice .”

Sabine Kautz, Germany. September ’16