Top Tips for learning Irregular Verbs

Just when you thought that the verbs in English were so easy to learn (by only adding “d” or “ed”) you discovered the irregular verbs! Did you know that most verbs in the English language are irregular? There are over 180 of them! And they break all the rules!

Online English Video Lessons with … engVid

Using the Internet can be a really effective way to hear new language being used in context. And unlike reading, it also feeds our 21st century need for screens! While you might have already watched plenty of YouTube videos, there are many other websites you could visit to improve your English outside one of our … Continued

Learn English with Music Videos and Lyrics

Using music to learn languages can be a fun and effective way to help you memorise not only individual words, but longer phrases and expressions. And, of course, it will also really help you improve your pronunciation and oral comprehension.  

Why we love… practising listening with Podcasts

Listening can prove to be one of the most difficult skills to improve, especially for students who don’t live in an English-speaking country. Students sometimes feel nervous or even afraid of listening, perhaps because there are so many accents or because they think they don’t have a high enough level of grammar to understand what … Continued

Why we love… writing app ‘Grammarly’

In our previous post we looked at a great little website that can help you improve your writings ‘Write and Improve‘. However, as we mentioned, it doesn’t really give you information about why your sentences and vocabulary are wrong. Also, we are using social networks to communicate more and more, but it can be difficult to … Continued

Why we love… ‘Write and’

Students who come to Ireland to learn English tend to improve their listening and speaking the most. Certainly developing everyday conversation and fluency skills are the main focus of most of our General English Fluency classes. Students in Dublin also encounter English everywhere they turn and so your reading will usually improve quickly too. It … Continued