Atlas Job Shop: Volunteering and Internships

Volunteering and internships are two jobs paths to consider. While they tend not to be paid, they do allow you to spend time practising your English skills in an English-speaking environment, and also give you some valuable work experience that will help you find a paid job.

Atlas Job Shop: Talking about previous Jobs

If it’s your first time applying for a job in an English speaking country, you may have never talked about your previous work experience in English.  Also, when writing your CV in English, you have to make sure you write the job roles you did in the past in proper English. In this blogpost we’ll … Continued

Atlas Job Shop: PPS Number and Taxes

What is a PPS number, how much can you work in Ireland, what are you entitled to, how much do you have to pay in taxes – all these are questions that arise when you find your first job in Ireland. In this post we will tackle these questions so you will be ready to set foot … Continued

How Can I Find a Job in Dublin?

There are many ways to find a job in Dublin. The best way for you depends on what type of job you are looking for. For some types of jobs, you should look for them and apply online. However, for others you should go directly to the businesses in person to ask if there are … Continued

Atlas Job Shop: Prepare for a Job Interview (Mock Interviews)

At the Atlas Job Shop each week we focus on a different part of the process you’ll go through to find a job in Dublin. In the fourth workshop in the series your teacher will conduct a practice or mock job interview with you – an ideal way to prepare for a job interview.

Atlas Job Shop: How to prepare for a Job Interview

What is the purpose of interviews:   Most employers offer people jobs after interviewing a number of possible candidates at an interview. Interviews let employers decide if you are suitable for the job on offer. They also provide you with a great chance to ask questions and decide whether or not it is the type … Continued

Atlas Job Shop: How to write a good Cover Letter

As we mentioned in our last blog post on CV writing, a well presented resumé with relevant content is key to helping you get a job. For quite a lot of jobs, you will also need to make sure you have a cover letter that accompanies your CV.    

How to write a good CV

Introduction: Working while studying is a great way to get more opportunities to practise your English speaking and listening skills and also to find out a little bit more about life and culture in Ireland. To help our students find a job in Dublin, here at Atlas we run a Job Shop every Monday afternoon … Continued