IELTS Listening: How to Improve your Listening

The IELTS Listening exam can be very difficult. In the exam, students have to listen to both monologues (a single person talks for a period of time) and dialogues (two people discussing a topic or having a conversation). The exam will be testing and looking for evidence of your ability to understand the main ideas … Continued

IELTS Reading: Read Often, Read Widely

The IELTS Reading paper can prove to be the trickiest part of the whole exam. You are given three texts to read and you will be asked questions from a variety of different question types – from multiple choice questions to the dreaded True / False / Not Given questions. One of the most challenging … Continued

IELTS Writing Task 1: An Overview

The IELTS Writing Task 1 asks you to write a summary of at least 150 words about some visual information, usually in the form of a graph or chart. You will need to pick out the main features and describe and compare the data given. The IELTS Writing Task 1 can prove to be quite … Continued

IELTS Writing Task 2: Writing Better Essays

The IELTS essay (Writing Task 2) can be a tricky one to get right. There are different essay types that you have to prepare for and practise, and ones that ask you to discuss unfamiliar topics that you may have never thought about before can be especially challenging. The most important things that you’ll have … Continued

IELTS Speaking Exam – Top Preparation Tips

You mustn’t think that being able to speak and get your point across is sufficient to get you your best possible mark in the IELTS speaking exam. One of the biggest mistakes that some IELTS students make is that they’re not fully prepared for the exam. Another mistake is that students try to sit the … Continued