How to Learn Phrasal Verbs

One aspect of English that can be sometimes difficult to produce and understand is Phrasal verbs. Phrasal Verbs are actually quite common, especially in spoken English and informal texts (fiction, magazines, tabloid newspapers). They also usually have a more figurative meaning that can confuse the listener or reader. Also, they have grammatical aspects that you … Continued

Improve your Vocabulary with the Learning App Memrise!

Learning new vocabulary is so important when learning English. Vocabulary is the basis for all the other skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The more words you recognise and know how to use, the better your reading, listening etc will be. And when talking with friends, with a wider vocabulary you’ll be able to communicate … Continued

Taboo – Practise your English with Games

Do you like learning English while playing games? I certainly do! The good thing is that with mobile apps you can easily play games for enjoyment and they are so entertaining that you won’t even know that you are learning English at the same time. It’s so different to normal studying outside class.

Improve your English with crossword puzzles and ‘Wordalot’

When you’re learning English, it’s important to keep your motivation up. As with any task, there may be times when language learning feels a bit monotonous, so try different ways to practise and improve your English. How about Crosswords? Have you used these on your phone before? First of all, doing crossword puzzles involves combining … Continued

Mobile learning with the Language Learning App Duolingo

Nowadays with just a smartphone you can learn English on the go in lots of ways. You can listen to music with English lyrics, you can watch and listen to YouTube channels or ;podcasts for English learners, and let’s not forget using mobile apps. At the bus stop, on the subway, while waiting for a friend, at … Continued

Top Tips for learning Irregular Verbs

Just when you thought that the verbs in English were so easy to learn (by only adding “d” or “ed”) you discovered the irregular verbs! Did you know that most verbs in the English language are irregular? There are over 180 of them! And they break all the rules!

Online English Video Lessons with … engVid

Using the Internet can be a really effective way to hear new language being used in context. And unlike reading, it also feeds our 21st century need for screens! While you might have already watched plenty of YouTube videos, there are many other websites you could visit to improve your English outside one of our … Continued